3 digital industries that China is dominating

China is one of the foremost nations embracing a fully connected society. In many major Chinese cities, sensor-filled machines that accept digital payments and support public data-collection are commonplace. Such technologies are found in supermarkets, malls, and even on sidewalks — Chinese panhandlers have notably used the WeChat platform to collect donations from passersby. Already, China’s mobile payments market is nearly 50 times that of the U.S.’s. China represents a significant investment opportunity for breakthrough… Read the rest

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Dark Social – The Dark side of the Web’s Moon

It may be one of the most famous “motivational” speeches in movie history: A top agent (played by Alec Baldwin) unleashes a seven minute verbal assault on four lackluster real estate agents in 1992’s Glengary Glen Ross. The salesmen are convinced they could close more sales if they could get their hands on the most highly sought after leads, the Glengarry leads. The idea of getting leads is foremost in the mind of many salespeople.… Read the rest