Grimes delivers sneak peek of new song using binary code

Grimes has teased a new release on Twitter using binary code. The artist tweeted a string of the computer code yesterday, adding, “It’s real this time. Phew,” confirming the upcoming single launch. In case you missed the math class, binary code uses a two-symbol system of zeroes and ones that represents text, computer processor instructions, or any other data. In any other words, it was a very Grimes tactic, as no stranger to using special symbols for important things.
Tweet may have been deleted

Fans got to work, and replied to the tweet with screenshots translating the code, revealing the song’s name as “Player of Games” and its release date — it was highly speedy codebreaking that’d make Taylor Swift fans proud.

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As the code revealed, “Player of Games” will be released this Friday, Dec. 3. On

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