Add 3 USB ports to a single outlet with this Best of CES charging hub, now 25% off

TL;DR: This ChargeHub X3 USB SuperCharger is on sale for 25% off the original price ($29.99) with the code LIMITLESS25 as of Oct 27.We’ve all argued over who gets to use the free outlet to charge their device, comparing battery percentages and who got there first. It’s always a losing battle for someone. But with the ChargeHub X3 USB SuperCharger, you can quit the bickering, as there’s enough love to go around. Sharing is caring, after all.The ChargeHub X3 plugs into an AC outlet and offers three individual USB charging ports for your devices. With 25W of total power and SmartSpeed technology, the X3 can deliver up to 2.4 amps per port. That means your devices will be fully juiced up as quickly as possible — and all at once.A great space saver, the X3 practically eliminates the frustration of having mounds of cable clutter in and around your outlets. And at

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