This coffee table magically transforms into a dining table for 12

TL;DR: This 6-in-1 Transformer Table Dining Set expands and contracts to fit anywhere from 1 to 12 guests, and it’s on sale now for $2,499.99 — down 21% from retail price as of Oct. 26.Formal dining rooms have been headed toward extinction over the years. Whether space is scarce, mealtime is more flexible, or that traditional values are subsiding is an argument for another time. The fact of the matter is people are looking to make their dining situation work for them. And a lot of times, that means not having a massive dining table that’s only used once in a blue moon.If you’re searching for a more flexible piece of furniture, it doesn’t get much better than the Transformer Table. As the name suggests, this baby can transform from a 1.5-foot table to a massive dining table fit for a dozen people. When you have guests over, you can easily convert your living

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