Keep your prescriptions organized with this smart pill box on sale

TL;DR: The Memo Box Mini Smart Pillbox is only $34.99 as of Oct. 26.Whether you have to take a plethora of pills daily, or you just worry about someone who does, there is a way to get peace of mind for something that is usually more stressful than it needs to be. If you’re a caregiver or just have a handful of your own medications to manage, it can be difficult to remember which pills have already been taken, or if you’ve taken them twice a day when you need to. But thanks to the Memo Box Mini Smart Pillbox, there’s no more guesswork required on your end. You can just focus on taking your medications and staying healthy.The Kickstarter-funded (with over $36,000) Memo Box Mini pairs with an app that you can download on any device. You can set up customized pill reminders so you never miss a dose again. Whether you have to

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