How to customize gesture controls on AirPods

One of the best parts of owning AirPods is the nearly phone-free experience you can have while using them. Once I put my ‘Pods in and start my music, I can just tap on the physical earbud to skip to the next song, or take an AirPod out to pause it. But what if you find yourself going back to a previous song more than skipping forward? Or you want to tap to pause rather than taking an earbud fully out? Well, luckily for you, you can customize the gestures on AirPods, and we’ve got a guide on exactly how to do it. SEE ALSO: The best headphones under $1001. Connect your AirPods to your phone, then open your Settings. Before you can do anything to your AirPods functions, you have to make sure they’re connected and running. 2. Tap on Bluetooth, then the little “i” button next to your

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