'Fizban's Treasury of Dragons' puts the dragons back in 'Dungeons and Dragons'

Classic role playing game Dungeons and Dragons has historically focused most of its attention on the dungeons, and less on the dragons. Now publisher Wizards of the Coast is seeking to rectify this imbalance, introducing a new bestiary of the beasts for intrepid adventurers to encounter.Releasing Oct. 26, upcoming sourcebook Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons provides details, statistics, and lore on the titular creatures populating Dungeons and Dragons’ worlds, as well as items, environments, and races which are related to them. It also reintroduces gem dragons, crystalline scaled beasts which last appeared almost two decades ago in 2002’s Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition Monster Manual II.Now, Mashable can exclusively reveal an excerpt from Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, providing new details on the lairs of the returning crystal dragons.”Crystal dragons are the most amiable of the gem dragons, for sure,” senior game designer James Wyatt told Mashable via email. “But they live

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