Prepare for the 'WandaVision' finale with these Funko Pops — now up for pre-order

Spoiler warning: The new Funko Pops within this post reference ‘WandaVision’ spoilers for episodes seven and eight, so if you aren’t caught up yet, come back later. 

Halloween Vision Funko Pop — $11.99
70s Vision Funko Pop — $11.99
50s Vision Funko Pop — $11.99
Halloween Wanda Funko Pop — $11.99 
70s Wanda Funko Pop — $11.99 
50s Wanda Funko Pop — $11.99 
Monica Rambeau Funko Pop (preorder) — $11.99 
Agatha Harkness Funko Pop (preorder) — $11.99 
The Vision Funko Pop (preorder) — $11.99 

Sadly, just as quickly as WandaVision exploded into the episodic television space (take one look at Twitter and you’ll see at least a few references to the show), it’s leaving us already. The first-ever Marvel Cinematic Universe show ends tomorrow, March 5, in what’s sure to be a revelatory final act in Wanda Maximoff and Vision’s story. We’re excited, but in a bittersweet kind of way.  Read more…More about Mashable Shopping, Funko Pop, Wandavision, Entertainment,

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