Still an undecided voter? 'Totally Under Control' is specifically for you.

How can anyone sit down to watch Totally Under Control in October 2020 and expect to learn anything new?
I started watching Alex Gibney’s new documentary about the U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic just as the Oct. 12 Senate confirmation hearing for Amy Coney Barrett got underway. While my Twitter feed flooded over with images of maskless Republican Senator Mike Lee addressing a room full of colleagues in person less than two weeks after he tested positive for COVID-19, Gibney’s doc mapped out our year so far.
There’s been a running joke on social media for the past four years about the Trump presidency amounting to a (highly damaging) season of reality TV. Carrying that idea forward, if 2020 is pulling out all the stops ahead of a blockbuster season finale, then Totally Under Control is the clip show recap that airs just before we get to see how things end.

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