20 times Elon Musk said 'sure' to random ideas on Twitter in 2020

Ask Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk for something on Twitter, whether it’s a new feature for Tesla’s Sentry Mode or an appearance at an event, and the eccentric billionaire might just say, “sure!” 
Musk is, shall we say, fond of the social media platform and uses it to make product announcements, connect with fans (and haters), and generally troll. It’s also where he collects suggestions for his products, like new search functions on the Tesla screen, or takes requests to test a new product, or even agrees to try out a knitted baby blanket in the mail. 
Musk doesn’t always respond to weird ideas, but when he does it’s usually with a simple “sure.” Read more…More about Twitter, Tesla, Spacex, Tech, and Elon Musk

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