Strip clubs are getting a high tech overhaul, but will it be enough to save them?

While most of the erotic world has hurdled into the future in recent years — with innovations like smart toys, virtual reality porn, and even high-tech condoms — one type of adult business has remained resistant to change: the strip club. 
Many clubs often feel as if they’re stuck in the ‘80s or early ‘90s, both in their outdated aesthetics (think a lot of pink neon) and sensibilities. Not all, but quite a few, notes Portland-based stripper, writer, and sex educator Elle Stanger, will still only hire women who adhere to the narrow beauty standards of that era: “long hair, big boobs, and a size two or smaller.” Quite a few never even bothered to acknowledge the advent of the digital era by setting up so much as a Facebook page or website, says Dave Manack, editor of the industry trade publication Exotic Dancer Magazine.  Read more…More about Business, Vr, Sextech,

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